Mundiapolis University was founded by a group of business and industrial firms bringing together, into the first private university campus in Morocco, three major higher education institutions that played a pioneering role, since 1996, in their respective areas: Polyfinance in financial engineering and business administration, IMADE as a law school specialized in corporate and business law, and EMIAE in computer and electrical engineering (EMIAE).

Mundiapolis University in Casablanca currently comprises an Engineering School, a Business Faculty and an Institute of Political Sciences, Social Sciences and Law.   It is a comprehensive university on the LMD system, which has incorporated an internationalization component in all its degree programs.  Its primary mission is to

  • accompany students throughout their academic journey, from orientation to employability, in order to maximize their personal and professional success; and
  • train competent and responsible students who uphold high moral values and are capable of adapting to best serve the changing needs of the job market, and of making a significant contribution around them.

To serve this mission, Mundiapolis University’s model combines liberal arts education with the specialization skills-based model, and it offers a program of excellence in 5 areas

  • Student orientation from integration to specialization;
  • Corporate partnerships and first-job optimization for career acceleration;
  • Quality assurance for job-specific skills;
  • Behavioral intelligence for productivity; and
  • Languages and communication for personal growth.

Action-research at Mundiapolis University is carried out with corporate and government partners, and focuses on

  • Information technologies for development and good governance
  • Smart cities
  • Innovation in small and medium enterprises
  • Green economy

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