Over Fifty Years of Scientific, Technological and Cultural Excellence

Mohammed The Fifth University (UM5), the oldest modern university in Morocco, was founded in Rabat in 1957 and inaugurated two years later by the late King Mohammed V. It also has the distinction of being the mother of Moroccan universities. Over the years Mohammed the Fifth University established branches in other cities such as Casablanca, Fes, Kenitra, Tangiers, and Tetouan which eventually became independent universities in 1975.

UM5 is a public university that provides high quality education to over 20 000 students annually. Its alumni include leading government officials, ambassadors, academics, engineers, lawyers and executives. UM5A takes special pride in being the alma mater of His Majesty King Mohammed VI and other members of the Royal Family.

To align itself with the European higher education system adopted during the Bologna Process, the University’s administrative and teaching faculty worked together, from 2003 to 2012, to implement the three cycles of qualifications system otherwise known as the “LMD System” (License, Maitrise et Doctorat or Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorate). This reform was in line with the University’s vision and values:

  • offering its students and partners a myriad of high quality study programs, many of which lead to employment upon graduation;
  • maintaining high standards of teaching and research on par with the best universities in the world;
  • helping students reach their full potential;
  • strengthening international exchanges by developing ties and partnerships with foreign institutions;
  • responding to the socio-economic needs of the government and the community.

UM5’S MISSIONS in light of the above principles and goals

  • Strengthen the Islamic and national identity;
  • Provide undergraduate, graduate and continuing education;
  • Develop and disseminate knowledge and culture;
  • Prepare graduates for employment by focusing on experience;
  • Conduct research and technology transfer;
  • Provide technical assistance and expertise;
  • Contribute to the country’s global growth;
  • Develop and spread universal values.

For more information, visit this website : www.um5s.ac.ma