The Moroccan Association for Computing Machinery was formed by a group of engineers, faculty members, IT professionals and students specialized in computer science, in order to recognize and support the MCPC -Moroccan Collegiate Programming Contest and other ACM activities in Morocco and contribute to the dissemination of the ICPC culture in universities and engineering schools.

MACM has launched an effort aimed at increasing the level and visibility of ACM activities across Morocco. The MACM community in Morocco is growing in membership, sponsored conferences and symposia.

The MACM comprises a cross section of the computer science and information technology community committed to increasing the visibility and relevance of ACM in Morocco. The MACM is focused on a wide range of ACM activities, from creating channels to bring more high-quality ACM activities to Morocco; to expanding ACM chapters; to enhancing access to the ACM Digital Library and publications for ACM members in Morocco; to increasing the participation of ACM members in Morocco across all dimensions of ACM.

The goals of the MACM are to:

  • serve as a professional network for individuals who are involved with the science and technology of computing
  • contribute to advancing computing as a science and profession in Morocco
  • organize the MCPC competition
  • encourage students to take an active interest in the emerging and exciting world of computing
  • organize boot camps for students in order to prepare them for ACPC and ICPC and other international competitions in computer science.

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